Fashion Photo Helsinki
10.5.2010 / Top Model challenge
Finland's next top model featured a challenge based on our photo-shoot with Antti Asplund and Darina Shved. Darina was submerged in a jelly-fish tank and the water was only 14 degrees. Ouch!

Daniela Talvitie


Through the interpretation of Daniela Talvitie, a Brazilian fashion photographer, Fashion Photo Helsinki presents the audience with the hottest Finnish Fashion. By mixing fashion with familiar urban spaces, the exhibition creates new world views in presenting top Finnish designers.

The Fashion Photo Helsinki will premiere within the distinguished walls of the Design Museum during the Helsinki Night of the Arts on August 27th, 2010.

The Finnish design world is experiencing changes where in the wake of traditional designers, new talented and young designers are emerging. Fashion Photo Helsinki fuses these two together in one exhibition. According to Daniela Talvitie, working with different designers ranging from world renowned and successful veterans to the young career building beginners of the field, has been the most thrilling aspect of the entire project.

The entire production features the foremost fashion designers in Finland including such well-known names as Ivana Helsinki, Hanna Sarén, Minna Parikka, Jukka Rintala, Daniel Palillo, Antti Asplund, Piia Hänninen, Mert, Anne Törnroos, Kirsti Doukas-Kalevala Koru & Marimekko.
Before each shooting session Daniela Talvitie runs through key pieces from collections with the designers, by which she is inspired, in order to create underpinnings for meanings through an unique story line in each photo taken.

In addition to top designers putting forth their effort, other influencers in the fashion industry have added their valuable assistance to make the exhibition possible. Finland’s number one modeling agency Paparazzi, Helena Rubinstein and Redken.

Fashion Photo Helsinki by Daniela Talvitie // Copyright 2010
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